is your case management system earning it’s keep?

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The vast majority of legal matters are now run through some kind of a case management system these days, but are you confident that you’re getting your money’s worth out of yours?  In many cases, firms are often only using a small percentage of the functionality of these systems, and it’s often a relatively easy process to rectify this.

We worked with a firm who had paid a lot of money for a conveyancing system, which looked very fancy, but in effect was only being used for document creation and storage.  In two days of working with the firm, we configured the pre-existing workflow to match their processes.  We did a quick time and motion study to track the impact – a 50% reduction in the time taken to deal with a matter.

We were asked back to do the same with their matrimonial system.

It’s always a worthwhile exercise to review the existing IT capabilities within your practice to see where improvements can be made.  The efficiences may be quite literally sitting under your nose.

We’re happy to tell you how we achieved this – just give us a shout.

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