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I read a great comment in a Linkedin discussion recently, lamenting the lack of time most lawyers have to devote to marketing activities, but most memorable for its last phrase, “Timesheet Gazumping”

What a neat way to summarise the challenges faced by most lawyers, who come into the office every day with great intentions to put a certain amount of time aside to those tasks which we all know are important, but which let’s face it, just aren’t fee earning.   How often do they remain unticked at the end of day, I wonder.  Unfortunately, the day job does tend to get in the way.

And this is the dichotomy of law firms, the managers are all to often the highest fee income generators , and so the management job all too often takes a back seat.  How many other industries can you think of where managers manage on a part time, ad hoc basis?

And appointing an office or a practice manager does not solve the problem.  A manager and a management team need to be doing just that; managing the firm, the team; making and delivering on the strategic objectives of the firm.  I can guarantee that’s how ABSs will be working in the post 2011 market place.  Will you?

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