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For me, delegation is one of most important skills you need to be a really good manager. If you do it well, it will save you time and seriously help your stress levels, not to mention the fact that it’s such a massive motivator for people who work for you. But all too often managers don’t bother to delegate properly. They often use the excuses that it’s easier to do it themselves, or they don’t want to worry about over burdening others. The reality of often that they are simply rubbish at it and they are all to scared of letting go. In 9 times out of 10 delegation ends in failure because the manager doesn’t use the right tools and techniques to make sure it works.

So why don’t they know how to do it? Well it’s not a natural skill for us to develop, letting go of what they used to do themselves and were know for being great at is pretty difficult. In addition to this, in terms of management training, it’s not a ‘chunky’ subject to cover, which is why there aren’t many courses dedicated to it.

But the great thing is, by developing a simple set of delegation tools, managers can become great at it in no time at all. In the process they will save your company a fortune in wasted time and work blockages through over burdened managers.

For this reason, at Legal Edge we have pulled together a training pack dedicated entirely to Delegation which covers:

What is delegation?
Why bother to delegate?
How to delegate tasks
Who to delegate to
Delegation briefings

It’s written as a training course that you can deliver in house and also comes with a ‘Delegation Toolkit’ – documents help your managers be great super delegators. It’s simple and straightforward to use, so one of your managers could deliver it in a 1.5 hour slot in your monthly management meetings.

This training resource is yours at a cost of £49.99, which means that if you have 10 managers who would benefit from developing in this area, they can be developed at a bargain price of £4.99 a person!  And this will count towards annual CPD of your qualified staff too.

Good luck with it and please let us know what success stories you have as a result of delivering the training.

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